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2000 Toyota Gaia specs and reviews

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The Toyota Gaia is a Japanese market MPV that competes with all the Nissan Prairie, Mitsubishi Chariot, and the Honda Odyssey. It was replaced with the Toyota Isis. The Gaia shares a platform together with the Toyota Ipsum (sister car) and Toyota Caldina (platform sharing). It was constructed from May 1998 until September 2004 for your Japanese market. The Gaia was sold only at Japanese dealerships called Toyopet Store near the Corona. April 2001 saw DVD based navigation added being an option, as well as the 3S-FE engine was upgraded for the 1AZ-FSE with AWD. The 1AZ-FSE features Toyota's D-4 direct injection system. The car was named for Gaia; the primal Greek goddess personifying our planet.

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Because the history goes with this car is very improved every then and now. The producer has continued to evolve new models to comfort every person who would like to ride. Just like the other MPV kind of cars, it's useful the some are variations around the specs and overviews. You you must look carefully about what cars you likely most. Being comfortable in just about every satisfy and ride your needs is definitely the best idea to acquire an incredible spec car. The cheap japan car offer this car for only $900. The car has in great condition, as you can see in the actual pictures they release and attached to the sale page on their website. You can check the automobile particulars on 2000 Toyota Gaia. You can even visit their site and inquire more details at http://imperialsolutions.jp. The corporation, ship cars and vehicle worldwide. Many of the ship vehicles from Japan to any point around the globe have a month or more.

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